After School

Our after school program is designed to help school-age children enhance learning and comprehension of their current school assignments and course materials to improve grades and academic confidence. We have an experienced and caring staff that provide supervision and expert academic assistance. We will ensure that all children accurately complete their homework and have an opportunity to participate in a wide array of extracurricular activities.

After School Class

The schedule of the program coordinates with the NYC public school calendar. Each semester begins in September and ends in June. Our daily classes are from the time school is dismissed until 6 p.m. Monday through Friday. We are closed on all major holidays. For the convenience of parents, we also provide half-day services with no extra charge whenever schools have early noon dismissal. Payments are collected once a month at the beginning of each month. The tuition fee is $200 per month. There will be no refunds for all fees paid after classes have started. Students who are absent for more than two months and want to return to the program will be accepted as new students and must pay a $15.00 registration fee.

The Registration and the Medical Statement Forms can be downloaded from our website by clicking the links below.

Registration Form
Student Enrollment Questionaire
Medical Form

For further information on our afterschool program, please contact me at: (646) 331 - 2832 or email:

Jennifer Chak